Frankie Valentine


I'm Frankie - a web designer and developer from California. I runV3 Digital Studio, write tutorials, stories, and share actively on Instagram. I specialize in web based projects from scratch that are minimal, easy to use, performant, and built with efficiency in mind.Check out my professional work on my studio's website.



My personal design projects are onDribbble. Sometimes I post client work there too, if permitted.


Active personal code projects are always onGithub. I love open source!


I am an active contributor onUnsplash and I passed 1 million views! Mainly, my photography consists of product, overlay, and landscape. I am by no means a professional though.


You can find most of my writings onMedium. I enjoy contributing personal pieces containing my own opinions and tutorials that help other developers.


I am always open to talk. Please feel free to reach out tomy email if you want to discuss tech, need advice or direction with your projects, or just want to chat.

Check out my social feeds. Instagram /Twitter /LinkedIn